Simple Search Recruitment is a recruitment agency that is committed to increasing convenience, lowering costs, and maintaining quality processes to find the right fit for both candidate and client.

At Simple Search, we understand that small and middle-sized businesses are the backbone of our economy; that is why we want to ensure that these businesses have every resource available to help them continue to thrive. As many companies could be unaware of hiring legislation or may not have the internal manpower or time to recruit top end talent, Simple Search’s goal is to provide these services at a lower cost so the company can focus on what’s important-their business!

One word can describe how we deliver this service: passion. We have a passion about representing great clients. We have a passion about representing great candidates. And we have passion about uniting the two into a mutually beneficial partnership. With our recruiting consultants having previous experience in a variety of industries, we look forward to continuing to add top candidates to top companies!


Ankit Anand

Founder & Owner